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Massimiliano Rinaldi

MSc (Bologna), PhD (UC Dublin)Massimiliano Rinaldi

Generally speaking, my research interests cover general relativity and its classical and quantum extensions. In particular, I am interested in the problem of a consistent quantization of the gravitational field and on the related phenomenology, see e.g. my short review here. I wrote few papers about non-commutative effects that might arise near black holes horizons and at the onset of inflation (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

I am also interested in analogue models of gravity, especially in Bose-Einstein Condensates (BEC). This is a new and exciting research field that brings together condensed matter physics and quantum field theory on curved space and might lead to the detection of the celebrated Hawking radiation in laboratory-size experiments (for e review see here). On this topic, I worked in particular on the calculation of the entanglement entropy for acoustic black holes in BEC (6, 7).

Since I moved to Namur, I am working extensively on models of modified gravity, especially tensor-scalar theories (Galileon, Fab Four) and Higgs inflation. I am also one of the founder members of the Euclid Theory Working Group, the theoretical backup for the mission Euclid to be launched by ESA in 2019. With the other members of the group in Namur and Louvain (and with the Euclid collaboration) I share the goal of testing these numerous extensions of general relativity against data coming from cosmological and Solar System experiments in order to pinpoint the most promising models (8, 9).

In the past, I worked on several other topics, including modified dispersion relations, motivated by vector-tensor models of gravity and analogue models and pre-Big Bang scenario implemented by brane cosmology. My doctoral thesis concerned certain "stringy" black hole solutions named topological black holes in anti-de Sitter space. My complete publication record is here

I have some teaching experience. During my three years spent at UCD I taught several courses in the School of Mathematical Sciences. Among these, I taught quantum field theory at the master level and quantum mechanics. In Namur, I taught, on behalf of Prof. A. Fuzfa, the course "Compléments de Mathématiques" during the first term of the academic year 2012-2013.